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Retirement Planning Services You Can Actually Trust

Jul 17
10 min
This blog post is about retirement planning services that you can actually trust

Navigating the world of retirement planning services can be daunting. So many financial planners are out there advertising their tax or legal advice, but how do you know you’ve found the right one? Can you trust that your financial professional is giving you the best advice on securing your retirement income?

Pamela Rodriguez is the Founder of Fulfilled Finances and a Certified Financial Planner® in Sacramento, CA. As part of the XY Planning Network and board member of the Financial Planning Association, Pamela is committed to providing clients with the best possible advice.

Fulfilled Finances work on a fee-only basis. “Fee-only” means she does not earn commissions on any insurance product. Fee-only advisors always focus upon your needs and interests rather than anyone else’s. It’s always in their best interests to help you achieve financial security and achieve your retirement income goals.

Fulfilled Finances is one of the few advisory firms that has taken the “independent, fee-only, fiduciary oath” You can expect to discuss your current situation and your long-term goals with you. You’ll get the chance to get to know her and determine how well her financial planning services fit your needs.

Three Simple Service Packages

Once you feel at ease, at the end of a 15-minute complimentary consultation, Pamela Rodriguez will advise you on the next step to take. Our firm provides three choices of service packages.

retirement planning services
  • A One-Time Plan: The costs for retirement planning services can mount up over the years. The one-time plan is a cost-effective service that provides clients with a financial or retirement plan to get them started. Clients steer their own course from there.
  • Ongoing Financial Planning: This service provides ongoing support for clients who require help in actively managing their cash flow and investments. Pamela Rodriguez will work with you to help you achieve your long-term goals.
  • Wealth Management Service: Pamela Rodriguez and her team of highly qualified investment advisors will actively manage your investment using the Critical Path Investment system.

Advisory Services We Offer

Fulfilled Finances provides comprehensive advice. Some of the topics you will cover are:

Probability-of-Success​ Analysis

While it’s impossible to predict every move the market might make, careful research can help you understand your choices better. Pamela Rodriguez and her team can perform a detailed analysis to determine the probability of success for each of your long-term investment decision.

Detailed Cash-Flow Projections

Detailed cash-flow projections enable you to manage your finances to your best benefit. You can plan ahead of time for potential dips in income and thereby avoid costly last-minute credit applications.

Tax Strategies

The deferred tax benefits that you enjoy with some investment accounts may end when you withdraw the money. With careful planning, however, Fulfilled Finances can help you to minimize your tax burden legally both now and during your retirement years.

The team will also assist with tax-effective estate planning services.

Social Security & Medicare

Understanding the vagaries of the social security and Medicare systems takes experience. Pamela Rodrigue will assist her clients in maximizing their Medicare benefits and Social Security optimization.

She’ll help you navigate the confusing Social Security and Medicare systems so that you’ll get the benefits that you deserve.

Plan Stress-Testing

Plan stress-testing predicts how your investment will perform under a range of market conditions. This is an essential part of the planning process as it allows you to make allowances for the worst-case scenarios.

When Is the Optimal Time to File and Receive Benefits?

Collecting social security should be a simple process. Like many government processes, however, it can be unnecessarily complicated. Filing too early may mean that you could lose as much as 8% a year in benefits.

Not working as a team could also mean that married couples receive fewer benefits than they should.

An essential part of retirement planning is to determine the optimal time to file and receive benefits. Pamela Rodriguez and her team regularly keep apprised of any developments in this area to provide you with optimal advice.

Backdoor Roth IRA

Backdoor Roth IRAs sound like something sinister, but they’re a perfectly legal way to reduce your tax burden upon retirement. With these investments, you start off with a standard IRA as usual.

You may then transfer the money to your backdoor Roth IRA and prepay the taxes that would fall due at retirement. Your investment then grows tax-free, and you do not have to worry about paying tax on withdrawals.

There are many retirement planning services out there, if you would like to know more about how to work with us, please reach out to us here.

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