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Guiding women and couples through their financial journey with full confidence.

Navigate change and make informed decisions that benefit you long term. Retirement, family planning, divorce, we are here for you.

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At Golden Wealth Capital, we work together in determining whether you are on track to meet your goals and then outline your path to overall financial success. We eagerly face the challenge of providing services to address your complicated, ever-evolving financial life. "Fee-Only Sacramento Financial Planners" We are proud to be fee-only financial advisors. Fee-only means that we are only compensated by the fees clients pay for services and not by commissions, kickbacks, or affiliates for recommending certain products. We always place our client's best interests first.
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Let's set you up for long term sustainable success

Know what works and leverage your data to constantly improve.
Cash Management: This refers to the process of collecting and managing cash flows. Cash is essential for day-to-day financial stability.
Investment Management: Investment Management is another key component of financial planning.

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Our team is reliable, certified & has an impressive portfolio when it comes to financial management.
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Confidentiality Assured: Strict protocols safeguard your information.
Client Satisfaction: 98% client retention
Proven Expertise: 25+ years of collective financial experience.
Continual Learning: Regular training for up-to-date financial advice.
Transparent Communication: Clear, straightforward financial strategies.
Client-first Approach: Tailored advice to match individual goals.

Plan Better. Live Better.

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