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Aug 7
10 min

This blog post is all about how to save money fast

Want to know how to save money fast? Have you been hearing about all of the benefits of a minimalist lifestyle and you are ready to give it a try? For the sake of your wallet? If so, this blog post is a must-read!

save money fast

Minimalism is all about living with less. You could technically apply that to any area of your life. You could live with less stuff, less debt, less stress, you get the idea. Today you will learn 31 minimalist lifestyle tips to save money fast When you are not spending money unnecessarily and you are in fact, spending your time becoming more mindful and intentional about what you do and what you have.You might be wondering why in the world I would want to live a minimal lifestyle just to save money fast. The answer is simple. Less energy spent on purchases and items, more energy spent on ways to increase wealth and financial peace.Before I do that, let me make sure I explain what living a minimalist lifestyle does not mean (just for the haters out there). Living a minimalist lifestyle does not mean you wear the same thing every day. It does not mean you only own one pair of shoes or one coffee mug. A minimalist lifestyle definitely does not mean you are sad or depressed every day. To be quite honest, implementing a minimalist lifestyle has personally brought me much joy but it has definitely also helped me save money fast. In fact, many people have turned to a minimalist lifestyle to help declutter their minds and focus on the things that they absolutely love and want to put their energy towards. If I was worried about things and people that I do not truly care about, I would not have been able to save money fast. I would have never saved over $70k to start my business. I had to focus and narrow in on the activities and the things that I absolutely enjoyed in order to not miss any of the other things. So, without further ado, let’s get into these 31 tips to save money fast!!!

This blog post is all about how to save money fast

1. Unsubscribe to promotional emails

There is a reason companies spend thousands if not millions of dollars advertising their products to you via your email inbox. Sending you constant reminders about a sale, gets you all riled up and ready to pull out your credit card. Not so fast though!Unsubscribe from all those emails and watch as your bank account starts growing. You will also stop feeling FOMO every time you don’t buy whatever they want you to buy.

2. Set up an auto payroll deduction to deposit right into your savings account

This might be my favorite tip to save money fast because you don't even see the money!! Yep. Most companies will split a direct deposit and if your HR department doesn't do it, you can set it up with your online bank as a transfer on your pay dates. Nothing better to save money fast than to automate it!!

3. Use the simple 20 /50 / 30 budget to save money fast

Forget overcomplicating your life. Use this budget rule created by Elizabeth Warren to budget your income and save money fast!The basic rule is to divide up after-tax income and allocate it to spend: 50% on needs, 30% on wants, and socking away 20% to savings

4. Use online discount sites to go on your dream vacation and stop going on small trips that don’t bring you true joy

If I had a dollar for every time someone said they wish they could go to Europe but they can’t afford it so they go on weekly outings instead, I would be a millionaire. Where there is a will, there is a way and you can definitely travel to whatever you want to travel but you can’t do it if you are constantly wasting money on the weekends to fill that void. Creating a list of places you want to visit keeps you focused on your goal and you naturally will start saving money faster when you are focused on your goals.

5. Declutter your living space

This minimalist lifestyle tip is so important! Listen, if you can’t even be at peace in your own home because the clutter in your space is so loud...Houston...we have a problem!!Decluttering your living space can take you a couple of days and will lead you to the next tip (which brings you some money instead of leaving you stressed).

6. Sell items online

After you declutter your living space, go ahead and download a used items app like Let Go and start selling your items online. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I promise it is oh so simple. Dust off your items.Take a picture of your item. Upload the item and give it a price. That’s it! Someone will want it. Just watch.

7. Switch to a savings account that allows you to create multiple savings buckets

Ally.com is an online bank that I recommend to my clients because it makes me so happy to be able to use one single account to save for multiple goals. We all know that psychologically we are more motivated when we attach a goal to our actions. Saving money is the same way. A minimalist lifestyle is all about “less is more”. One account is better than 10.

save money faster

8. Buy used

Every new car is made “better and faster” than the last. It’s the law of the land.You can’t help but notice other people’s stuff and what they have. Comparison is the theft of all joy. Just when you were so proud to pay off your car, you realize that you need something else. Something new. Am I right? Right.Not so fast!! To save money fast, make sure you are looking at all of your options. It is almost impossible to save money on a depreciating asset when you buy new. Buying used is the way to go in my book.

9. Look into an energy-efficient car

Since we are on a roll talking about cars, if you are trading a car and you are reading this, please know that as a country (and definitely as a state - CA) we are headed towards a fully, energy-efficient auto economy.It is a very smart thing to do to buying a (used) electric vehicle to save money fast. Not spending money on gas boosts your savings by a substantial amount.Trust me! I have a Nissan Leaf and I absolutely love how much we save on gas.

10. Get a multi-line discount with your favorite insurance provider after shopping around

This minimalist tip is purely a good financial tip. If you have ever shopped around for a new auto policy, you know that once you find an insurance company you love, you stick with them.You are probably also aware that nearly every insurance company gives out multi-line discounts if you have another product with them.Think of homeowner’s policy, renter’s policy, umbrella policies. etc.You can really save some serious cash by using the same company and getting monthly discounts across the board on all your insurance products.

11. Choose staple meals that you love to cook at home

The main reason people don’t cook nearly as much as they used to is because of time. Time constraints are real and they cause a lot of stress for families all over the world.If you can stick to a few staple meals that you love to cook, you are more likely to always be stocked up (no running to the store or making excuses) on the items needed to make them.You also spend way less time thinking about what to make. We all know where that leads us...yep...the couch. Spending more money than needed on DoorDash.

12. Invest in your wardrobe with timeless pieces

There are so many advantages to investing in some timeless pieces. A minimalist lifestyle allows you to feel good about what you are wearing every single day. No “I hate this, I don’t even know why it’s in my closet” days. When you love the way your clothes look and feel, you aren’t constantly wanting to shop.

13. Buy food in bulk

If you know me, you know I love buying all of my staples in bulk. Rice, beans, pasta, flour, granola, etc. Those items are so much cheaper in bulk than in the 1 lbs bags. Minimalism makes it easier to know what to buy in bulk too because you don’t buy something random that you won’t even eat. If you want to save money fast, buy the main staples in bulk that you need for the meals you love!

14. Stop buying individually packaged pantry staples

This minimalist lifestyle tip goes hand in hand with tip number 7. It is wasteful to buy everything individually packaged. There is a reason individually packaged products (like CapriSun’s) are more expensive than non individually packaged products (like a gallon of juice). You don’t have to look much further than your garbage, which is full of plastic every 2 days, to stop buying individually packaged items.

15. Work out outdoors and make it fun

Every family has its go-to list of physical activities. Some people like to go on walks at the park, some people like to go play frisbee, some people like to go on bike rides.You are definitely going to save money by doing some of those outdoor activities rather than sitting on the couch watching tv being sold on the latest gadget. I know I am also happier when I am spending quality time with my family and not spending money makes me stay on track to save money fast.

16. Participate in a no spending week challenge

This minimal lifestyle tip is actually fun for me because I am a competitive person and I have to beat my own challenge. If I do a no-spend challenge, it usually jumpstarts a season of saving for our family because it makes me more mindful of where every dollar is going once the challenge is over.Everyone needs a reset to get back on track once in a while. This one does it for my budget and I am sure it will help you too.

17. Cut back on buying multiples

I know it’s super nice to have multiple t-shirts all in the same color but trust me when I tell you that is not the smartest thing to do. Your money doesn’t care that there are two other black t-shirts that look exactly the same in your drawer while you wear the third one.It is simply unnecessary when you want to save money fast. If you truly want to wear a t-shirt over and over and over again, I am sure you will take some time to do laundry in between, or you won’t let laundry get in between you and said t-shirt if you know what I mean…

18. Pick a few pairs of pants that make you look great

Not sure about you, but I personally have arrived at an age where I simply don’t want to wear anything that is not going to look great or that I won’t be comfortable in. Maybe it’s just me. I doubt it though. A minimalist tip to save money fast is to stick to a few pants that look great. Don’t shop for more just because you want more pants. Remember, quality over quantity.

19. Make gifts instead of buying them

When my daughter turned one, everyone got her really cute birthday cards that were all entirely too expensive. Side note: Why are birthday cards so darn expensive nowadays??? I know they are truly art but my point is this: You can’t keep all 20+ cards every year.Do you know what I mean? Some will make the cut and some won’t. Most likely, if you are anything like me, you will keep the one that was handmade. Because what kind of human keeps a machine-made birthday card over a handmade one??When you are on a mission to save money fast, you will get crafty!

20. Use multipurpose cleaning products

Cleaning products can be pretty pricey so if you want to save money fast, you might want to look into making them yourself or using one product for multiple surfaces. Multipurpose cleaning products are such a great minimalist hack.Especially if you can stick to natural ones like vinegar and water. It is so affordable.A vinegar and water reduction is not toxic and it won’t fill up the house with fumes but it WILL clean your countertops and any spills on your floors. Of course, you are not going to use it as a heavy-duty stove top cleaner but you can use it for a lot of light cleaning.

21. Buy in-season vegetables only

When you go to a farmer’s market to fill up on fruits and vegetables, you are not going to see items that are not in season. That’s because farmer’s markets follow the crop schedules. This is both a good environmental and economical decision. You are less likely to overpay for produce that is in season and readily available during that time of the year. Do yourself a favor and buy in-season produce to save money fast.22. Learn to enjoy your time outdoorsThis minimalist tip is similar to another one on this list but quite honestly, there is something to be said about learning to truly enjoy being in nature. Being outdoors gets your creative juices flowing, it clears your mind and the sunshine can brighten your day.Saving money fast is all about staying motivated and not getting distracted by the shiny objects in front of you.Learn to be one with nature to be happy and save money fast!

23. Create time in your day to spend with your loved ones

Our loved ones usually are part of what we are passionate about. You are passionate about spending time with them.You are passionate about making them smile. You probably also want to save money fast to be able to do something for them or with them.Making money for the sake of making money does not usually make one any more fulfilled. If you create time in your day to spend with your loved ones, you end up being more fulfilled and you tend to stop sabotaging your checking account by filling that void.

24. Go on a social media break for a few weeks

Back to our comparison trap. For the love of God, please take a mental health break from social media if you feel like you are going down a rabbit hole. Or you bought something simply because you saw someone else had it. Or you pretended to have something...ok never mind...this is going downhill quickly.Take a break. That’s all. You will save money fast by not being tempted.

25. Answer surveys online

InboxDollars, Survey Junkie, or Swag Bucks are some really great places to make some quick cash.Survey Monkey is another tried and true website to make and save money fast by answering surveys!!

26. Surround yourself with people who encourage you

This is actually a lot more simple than people think it is. If you decide to only surround yourself with the people who encourage you to embrace or find your purpose in life, that is worth more than gold. I understand that it might not be easy.But it is simple.The people who understand that you want to live a life of internal fulfillment and endless abundance, will not judge you based on what you wear or what you drive. They will also encourage you to stick to your goal of saving money.

27. Look into downsizing your living space

Downsizing is one of those lifestyle changes that might not be super easy because let’s face it, moving is never easy. It will help you save money fast though.However, thinking about your living situation and making a decision to downsize is not complicated.If you find yourself spending way too much time cleaning or attempting to declutter only to find yourself buried in endless piles of “stuff”...that tells me you actually don’t need that much space. Why spend more money than you need to on a big place when you don’t even use the space!The stuff that you wasted money on uses the additional living space more than you do. Never mind, I will store it there. I think the point has been made.If you are serious about saving money fast, downsizing is one of the fastest ways to do it because your mortgage or rent is usually the biggest spending category.

28. Create a vision board for your future

If you take an hour to truly visualize your future, you will have a better understanding of what it is that you want and what it is that you want to save money fast for. I sound like a broken record, but money is so much more than a physical object. It is a lot more emotional and psychological than that. You have to have feelings and emotions attached to your financial goals for you to stick with them.A vision board can help just about anyone get excited about the future and save money fast.

29. Be intentional about your acts of generosity

Acts of kindness and generosity are so great! In fact, giving is one of my favorite things to do and one of my greatest motivators.I love to give to my church and the causes I care about.I also love to save money and take care of my family. The only way those two things happen year-round is by being intentional. My giving makes up 10% of my income or more but it is planned and it is scheduled. It is not random unless it’s $50 here and there. Why would that help you save money fast? I’m glad you asked. Being intentional about your generosity shows that it is a priority for you. It means that you can count on saving a percentage of what’s leftover. If you don’t know what that leftover amount is, how can you stick to saving? Make giving a weekly, or monthly event and watch how you save money fast!

30. Cancel monthly subscriptions

If you haven’t watched Hulu in 2 months, do you really need to pay for Hulu??Probably not. Go ahead and cancel any monthly subscriptions that you have not utilized in over 2 months. This will really help you save money fast and set yourself up for financial success.

31. Learn to appreciate what you have

So cliche but so true. Especially when you want to save money fast.Life is so much better when you appreciate what you have. Being appreciative helps us not want more stuff. You can’t need what you already have.


If you are looking for ways to save money fast, you don’t need to look any further. These 31 simple lifestyle changes will help you save money fast and become more fulfilled in the process. They say money can’t buy happiness, but the lack of financial peace can leave you more stressed than anything. Make sure you give at least one of these things a try to save money fast and tell me how you do!!As always, if you have any questions please reach out to me over at fulfilledfinances.com[author_info]Pamela Rodriguez ®[/author_info]

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